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Winter 2016

Welcome to the Website of Senior Moments Newspaper. I am proud to introduce to you the 19th edition of our newspaper for winter of 2016.

Front Page

Consistently, we choose the Heritage Foundation for our leading story. The reasons are many: the Heritage Foundation allows us to republish their material without charge. That’s important as we have no budget to purchase material. Second, their material is spot on. Their articles are timely, thought-provoking, and inspiring. This winter issue article for the front page is about the “American Spirit.” I think you’ll enjoy reading this article.

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Our “Famous from Missouri” page is honoring a native of Webster County—Edwin Hubble—the man who brought us the universe. His awesome discoveries added to our understanding of the universe.

Senior Aviation

The Northrop YB-49, also known as the flying wing, was a prototype jet-powered heavy bomber for service with the Air Force. Several lives were lost in the test flying of this amazing aircraft.

Senior Literature and Music

We all know Joseph Kennedy had four sons. The youngest, Edward “Teddy” was the only one to die of natural causes. “True Compass” is his memoir of a life dedicated to public service.

The Everly Brothers can only be described as “harmonies from heaven.” The influence of these two siblings were felt far and wide. For instance, CNN reporter Bob Greene quoted Vince Gill, “I honestly believe I’ve spent the last forty years, on every record I’ve been part of for somebody else, trying to be an Everly. I’ve spent my whole life chasing that beautiful, beautiful blend.”

Senior Art

Diego Velazquez spent a lifetime seeking and revealing truth. Velazquez, a Spanish painter, was the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV. There is a God connection to many of his works and this article discusses two of his awesome canvases.

Resole to be Ready!

Preparing for earthquakes in the Ozarks? Don’t be ridiculous! Well, you might want to think again. It’s happened before. December 16, 1811, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake made the Mississippi River run backwards. Read all about it here.

Sacred Spaces—exploring houses of worship in the Ozarks, C. J. Greer’s first person tales of growing up on the plains of Wyoming, and of course our tribute to the great Veterans of America are all included in this winter issue of Senior Moments Newspaper. I hope you enjoy it. BJM.

Fall  2016

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Winter 2016

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