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Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Fall  2016

Fall 2016

Welcome to the Website of Senior Moments Newspaper. I am proud to introduce to you the 18th edition of our newspaper for fall of 2016.

Front Page

Once again I have called on The Heritage Foundation for another great article by Dinesh D’Souza, a regular contributor to their Website. Dinesh has written about the pursuit of happiness here in America. He states that the future of many world citizens is pre-determined in many countries, but here in America we can plan our own future, which is rewarded with hard work, personal determination, and our opportunity. A very interesting read.

View from Menzies Mountain (page 2)

Veteran’s Day will be arriving nationwide shortly and here in the Ozarks we stand up and brag on our Vets. We enjoy our liberties, we enjoy our freedoms, and especially we enjoy speaking English. None of those blessings would be without the sacrifice of our Vets.

This page contains my personal ramblings about life on Menzies Mountain. Yes, there really is a Menzies Mountain in Christian County. However, it’s not really a mountain, rather, everyone else in the vicinity lives in a valley. At Menzies Mountain we have no Internet, phone service, or satellite television. Emphasis is on reading, writing & proofreading this paper, praying, cooking, and enjoying our forest. Hopefully, you can have a get-a-way place too—maybe a nearby park or one of our beautiful lakes. Some place where you can clear your head and focus on what and who is really important in your life.

Famous from Missouri

Howard A. Rusk, the father of rehabilitative medicine is featured in this issue. Mr. Rusk was from Brookfield, Missouri.

Senior Aviation

The Comet was the world’s first production commercial jetliner. It was also the first commercial jetliner to crash and David Warren, inventor of the Black Box, used this crash site to perfect his witty invention—the cockpit voice recorder (CVR).

Book Review

This issue’s book review is about the “King of Cool” Dean Martin. FYI, that title was given to him by the King of Rock and Roll—Elvis. Martin’s daughter, Deana Martin, has published “Memories are Made of This” and I have included a review of this book for your inspection.

Encountering God in the World’s Great Art

I think you art lovers will enjoy this article about Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” It is on permanent display at the Art Institute in Chicago. I have viewed it several times and found it hypnotic—only in a good way. There is a God connection to that painting and that’s discussed in this issue.

Senior Music

Once again Dean Martin is featured here. “Dean was the greatest of rarities: a top tier star who didn’t mind playing second fiddle.” That’s a quote from “The Daily Beast.”

At one time, Dean was probably the most successful performer in the world. He conquered more mediums than any other star and that record may still hold today.


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