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Hi There, Boys and Girls, that’s the book title from which I found a nice article about Norma Champion, a.k.a. Aunt Norma of The Children’s Hour. It was so awesome to run in to her at a banquet in Springfield earlier this year. She’s always had a million-dollar smile and still wears it today. Surely, Norma is a national treasure.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, “Thank you Jacqueline Stoner.” Thank you for two beautiful pictures included in this issue of Senior Moments Newspaper. Of course we have to include a picture of the Kimberling City Bridge and Jackie graciously let us use an awesome photo of Dogwood Canyon. You can see more of her photos at www.jmsnaturephotography.com.

Did you already know that Emmett Kelly was from Missouri? Born in Houston, Missouri, in 1898, Kelly was probably the greatest American circus clown of the 20th century. Coincidentally, in New York City, an effort is underway to bring his story to Broadway, and you can read all about that endeavor on page three.

Frances “Fran” Sebastian Bera, 1924-2018, was a record setting pilot. Just one of her records was pushing her Piper Apache to over 40,000 feet. That record has not been broken to date. In her forty-five year career as a pilot she never had any trouble getting a job.

Tony Bennett, page five, has been and is a best friend forever of the Great American Songbook. Whether in front of a crowd or a canvas, Tony is still loving it all at 91.

Dogwood Canyon. Now here’s a real nature’s lover’s paradise right her in the Ozarks. At 10,000 acres, Johnny Morris and crew have created a little bit of heaven on Earth. Fishing, hiking, bicycling, eating—all can be done there. A big thank you to Pamela McKuen for her amazing article that found the words and pictures to describe this Ozark treasure. Pam has a Website at www.AllTheWritePlaces.com, and she describes herself as a “travel writer with a passport and makeup bag ready to roam.”

Read all about Pere Borrell del Caso (1835-1910) and how he mastered the art of illusion that tricks the eye on page seven.

There’s much more in this issue of Senior Moments Newspaper. The Savvy Senior, Sacred Spaces, Honoring Those Who Serve and Resolve to be Ready!

I always want to thank the advertisers who make this paper possible. If you patronize an establishment that sponsors our paper, please tell them you saw their ad in Senior Moments Newspaper. I’d appreciate it! BJM

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