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With great relief I present to you the winter edition of Senior Moments Newspaper. It is issue number twenty-seven. I use the word “relief” as this has been an edition a little more difficult than usual. Someone has said that ideas are natural resources for humans and the ideas didn’t arrive as fast as I’d like them. For a painter I would imagine it’s a challenge to stand before a new blank canvas. Well, ditto for a writer to look at a blank computer screen. Anyway, here it is for your consideration and hopefully your approval.

You can always count on The Heritage Foundation for great articles and here’s one about the best responders to human need—faith based organization, like our own Ozarks-based Convoy of Hope.

From Neosho, Missouri, came an artist familiar by every Missourian—Thomas Hart Benton. His paint-ings are seen all over the place, landscapes, scenes of people at work, and public murals.

The Navion airplane was considered a little slow but a joy to fly. Farmers referred to it as a flying pickup truck. My dad’s good friend, Oscar Hawkins, owned one and I got to ride in it often as a youngster. Read all about it at Senior Aviation.

Hoagy Carmichael was a voice from America’s heart-land (Indiana). He wrote lots of songs but probably was best known for his song, “Stardust” written in 1927. Read all about the song and the composer on page five.

A lot has changed in Branson from the days when Tomato canning was the town’s biggest industry, but the hardiness of the Branson locals—and their resolve to continue to progress—has remained the same. Here’s a review of the early history of Lake Taneycomo tourism, all on page six.

Hopefully you can find inspiration in the art of Eugene Delacroix, possibly the last of the “Old Masters.” It’s been said that Monet was a big fan of his and frequently worked by his studio in Paris hoping to catch a glimpse of his shadow while he worked.

In this issue, the Savvy Senior talks about more senior scams and how not to be a victim of financial exploitations.

This fall Twyla and I made one last attempt to catch the fabulous, flaming fall review before it was too late. Our trip to Stockton, Missouri, did just that. Our notes are on “Two For The Road.”

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as I enjoyed publishing it. God bless, Bruce Menzies.

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