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Spring 2018

It’s with great relief I have published and posted the new spring issue of Senior Moments Newspaper. I say great relief as much effort and emotion is expended the last few days before the paper goes to press.

I have no budget for a licensed proofreader so I conduct that task myself. Although not the best, I do possess experience. For thirteen years I was a typesetter and proofreader. Back in those days, the smallest type font was four-point. Check this out: without glasses, I could proofread four-point type that was serif, lightweight, condensed, and italics. That’s not possible today. And another thing: you simply cannot proofread an article too many times. Lastly, the scariest time to re-read a newspaper is after it’s printed. So if you find a typographical error, it’s not because I didn’t read it—I just didn’t catch it.

You may read this issue and think it was the Frank Sinatra issue. Why? Well, because it took me almost the entire fall of 2017 to read the last biography of Mr. Sinatra. At over 900 pages it wasn’t what you’d consider “light reading.”

James Kaplan has captured the minute minutia of the later life of Frank Sinatra in his mountain of work in Sinatra: The Chairman. The lengthy work begins with Mr. Sinatra’s life the day after he picked up his Academy Award in 1954 and goes forward to Sinatra’s passing. Additionally, I wrote about my own Sinatra experiences before and after his death and I hope you’ll find those of interest.

Moreover, of interest to me, was the Martin 4-0-4 which was Sinatra’s first private plane. Sinatra took a forty-passenger commercial airliner and converted it to his swinging pad in the sky, complete with electric piano, hi-fi stereo, and wet bar to keep the party going in the sky. That’s all on page four.

We all knew Porter Waggoner, Speck Rhodes, and Bill Virdon were from West Plains, but did you know actor Dick Van Dyke was a native from there too? I write about his life and resume on page three. You may be surprised to find Van Dyke aspired to become a minister. He may have given up on the “profession” but not on the goal of putting smiles on people’s faces.

The last half of this issue of Senior Moments Newspaper is about Samson being performed at the Sight-and-Sound Theatre this season in Branson. Also, Carl Bloch, Denmark’s most famous painter, rendered an awesome portrait of Samson and the Philistines in 1863 and I’ve included discussion on that man and his art.

I’ve included a short article by C. J. Greer and his account of working on the railroad, in Wyoming, in the days of his youth. And “Two For The Road” describes Twyla’s and my trip to Dade and Barton counties in southwest Missouri for the day.

Last but certainly not least, I re-tell the true account of Earl Burgardt and his work as a translator in the Nazi War Trials in Nuremberg. And there’s a little bit more.

All things considered, this issue may not exceed but certainly ties with the best issue in the short five years I’ve had this job. It is my express goal for each new issue to be better in content than the previous issue. Theoretically, that would make the last issue the very best. I’m not totally convinced I’ve achieved that goal this time, still I’m proud of what is offered here in this issue for spring 2018.

God bless, Bruce Menzies

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