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Senior Moments for spring 2017

I am proud to present to you the spring issue of Senior Moments Newspaper. This is the beginning of our fifth year of publication and can only look back in amazement that I (and the Lord) actually accomplished this. I am still awed by how these issues come together in just the last few days of prepress.

John Horvatt II has generously given me permission to republish his terrific article What it Means for America to Be Great. I really believe this will be an inspiration to those who read it. And, speaking of page one, can you believe who will be turning sixty-six this year. Kurt Russell. Like me, do you remember him as a little tike in Swiss Family Robinson handing hand grenades made from coconuts to fight the pirates on the island they were stranded on. And how about those tree houses in the movie?

“Famous From Missouri” draw attention to one of the most awesome actors in my lifetime—Steve McQueen. No, Steve wasn’t born in Missouri but he did spend some of his childhood here and so we claim him as an official Missourian. The better of the two articles about him is about his “great escape.” The ultimate escape for anyone is from sin’s dread sway and into the arms of Jesus as Steve McQueen experienced.

The YFM-1 Airacuda—put that bomber in the file “Planes that shouldn’t have built.” Plagued with problems from the start, the Airacuda failed the meet the lofty performances the designers hoped for. At the end of the Airacuda’s operational life, the aircraft had been flown mainly for photo opportunities and were followed by a chase plane for safety. By 1942, all Airacudas had been scrapped.

Who had more number one hits than Elvis or Frank? Why it was Bobby Vinton, the “Polish Prince of Poch.” He was called that because of his tribute to his Polish heritage. I saw his show many times in Branson at the Beautiful Blue Velvet Theaters. Sadly it closed in 2002.

You probably knew Missouri was the “Show Me State” but did you know it is also the “Cave State?” Missouri Department of Natural Resources say Missouri has more than 6,300 recorded caves. I’ve highlighted a few commercial caves open to the public in our Lakes Country around Branson.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, more commonly known as Auguste Renoir, was a French artist who was a leading painter in the Impressionist style. His article is on page seven. There is a God connection to his paintings. His 1874 painting Woman Gathering Flowers, shows the beauty of a field of flowers. Did you know Jesus was referred to as the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley? More about than on page seven.

Another great tale from my late father-in-law, C. J. Greer, is taken from his biography that he actually wrote by an oil lamp. His experiences as a logger back in the days of horses and skidders is an interesting read.

This issue, our Senior Moments Book Review is about another Rockefeller. Yes, the old oil magnate John D. had some grandsons that knew how to make and grow money. You can call that “old money.” Patron of the Arts, charismatic face of liberal Republicanism, and a champion of civil rights, all describe Nelson Rockefeller. At 842 pages, it’s another big fat biography from my personal library.

Did you know churches and the community of faith are playing an ever increasing role in emergency management and recovery? Churches can play a very unique role among disaster agencies because people of faith recognize the sanctity of all human life. Read more about that on page ten in our repeating page of “Resolve to be Ready!”

The unique painting, Reflections, will trigger memories are very personal for all Veterans—especially of those who served during the Vietnam era. I have discovered a wonderful story about that painting and comments from the painter. More one page eleven.

I hope you enjoy reading this new spring issue of Senior Moments as much as I have putting it together. Hopefully, soon, we can say with Old Blue Eyes, “…the autumn winds and the winter winds, they have come and gone.” Until we meet on this page in the summer winds, I hope you enjoy our spring in the Ozarks. God bless you, Bruce Menzies.

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