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Page one: Editorials. Theses articles from page one are about the greatness of America. This country has a “can-do” attitude and improving “things” and increasing productivity are Ameri-can pastimes. We have shown great resiliency and capacity to face our problems. We’re still the home of the brave and land of the free!

Page two: View from Menzies Mountain. It’s not that we really live on a mountain, it’s just that everyone else around us lives in a valley! Our Christian County cottage is small by city standards but I think of it as “cozy.” Menzies Mountain has no phone service, cable television, or Internet. Here, we are neither part of the Rat Pack or the rat race and distant from the maddening crowds. Emphasis is on spiritual renewal, cooking, reading and writing, and enjoying a fire during cold weather and such.

Senior Aviation. This page is all about my dad, Homer Menzies. He was an Air Force pilot for more than twenty years and the planes featured on this page are ones that he flew or was acquainted with. These are the planes that once ruled the skies in pursuit of freedom.

Articles by Rev. C. J. Greer. “Bro. Greer” as I always called him, was my father-in-law and a real cowboy from Wyoming. He was an excellent story teller and had a talent of putting thoughts to words and words on paper. You’ll enjoy reading about the hard times growing up on the plains of Gillette, Wyoming as a youngster.

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Branson Beat. We all agree there’s no place like Branson, Missouri. Where else on earth can you enjoy so many family-friendly shows which honor our faith, family, and the flag?

Famous from Missouri. These are brief biographies of the folks that made Missouri great. They all came from different back-grounds and life experiences but agreed to use their individual passions to improve the Ozarks and made it a better place than they found it.

Senior Art is about encountering God in the world’s great art. My goal is to show you how you can experience the presence of God in art in the hope that it will enrich your relationship with the Creator.


Senior Music is a review of the music of our lives. It’s about the music that we liked the first time we heard it and the singers who sang it. From Sinatra to the Lennon Sisters, after listening we say, “Thanks for making the music of your life the music of my life.”

Senior Moments Book Review lets you know what I’m reading and I’ll provide a publisher-provided review of the books. It’s my intention to donate some of the books when I’m finished reading them. (I’m still reviewing that policy.) How delightful to curl up in a comfortable chair, something hot to drink, a good pair of glasses, and a 600-page book!


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Senior Moments


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Honoring Those Who Serve. On this page I review stories of the brave men and women who have given so much for freedom. Someone has correctly said, “Freedom is never free.” And too those brave souls I say, “Thank you for your service.”

The Savvy Senior. What’s a senior to do when faced with so much change in the world. Tech-nology, banking, fraud, these are the subjects dealt with on this page.

Honoring Those Who Serve

Resolve to be Ready. These articles provide practical suggestions for seniors to be ready for natural and made-made disasters.