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Senior Moments Book Reviews

Life is a Gift by Tony Bennett, Summer 2018 Sinatra, the Chairman, Spring 2018 Click here for Jackie Stoner's Website Priceless Memories by Bob Barker, Fall 2017

Winter Morning at the Lake by Jackie Stoner

DUTY, Summer 2017 A TIME TO HEAL, GERALD FORD, Summer 2016 On His Own Terms, Nelson Rockefeller, Spring 2017 "True Compass" Edward M. Kennedy, Winter 2016 Memories are Made of This, Fall 2016 BEN BERNANKE, "THE COURAGE TO ACT" JIM BAKKER, Summer 2015 ANDY WILLIAMS, Winter 2017 STRESS TEST, Fall 2014 ON THE BRINK, Fall 2014. Read more about Molto Agitato and Johanna Fiedler


Joseph Volpe, The Toughest Show on Earth