by Brydon Brett

When the legendary icon Andy Williams passed away on September 25, 2012, it marked a symbolic shift for Branson, Missouri—the changing of a guard. Since then, many questions have been forced to the top of public consciousness: What is the future of Branson? We have been known as the live country music capital of the world, then the live music capital of the world, now what will we be known for? I see polls, Facebook comments, TV news stories, newspaper articles and hear all kinds of conversation about this, but I’m not sure if the majority of people truly understand the magic of Branson. Now I don’t have a crystal ball but I’d like to respond to some of these comments and conversations and share with you what my family and I see in Branson’s future.

Let me start with this, the magic of Branson—its key asset, its differentiating factor, its unique strength—is God, family and country-centered entertainment. Faith, family, friendship and the flag—these are the core values at the heart of the Branson community, especially the entertainment community. This is a very unique thing among tourist destinations, particularly music centers like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, etc., where such ideology has long since been snuffed out by commercialism and secularism. You might say, “Oh that sounds naïve and Pollyannaish.” I can understand that view. But, we really believe these core values are at the heart of what has driven Branson’s success in the past and what will drive it to even greater success in the future. The kicker is that we must combine these values with excellence and appeal. If we do that, then we can help take Branson into a new era of prosperity and growth. We feel that this is the foundation upon which everything else needs to build. With this as a general assumption about the future of Branson, let me share more of our vision for Branson in bullet point form:

The question we often get when we share this kind of faith, family and flag vision for Branson is, “Is there a market? Will it sell?” Our answer is, “Yes, if it’s done excellently.” I talked to a pretty well-known producer personally out in Los Angeles, who was interested in working with our family on a project and he said, “You have no idea how big the market is for what you’re doing. People are tired of having all the filth crammed down their throats.” We believe that and we’re banking on it. Cirque Du Soleil was just a circus and they went bankrupt two or three times before they repackaged the circus, made it appealing and excellent, and now they’re one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. By repackaging and improving the quality of our faith, family and flag core here in Branson, we believe we can experience similar success. And it’s not about demographics. It’s about psychographics. Demographics describe age, gender and geography. Psychographics focus on how people think and feel. There are millions and millions of people of all ages, genders and locations in the world—from India to Indiana—who would value good, clean, high quality family entertainment and a destination that upholds those values. Add to this the fact that Branson has so much else to offer and is in the center of the country and we think we have a winning formula for success in the future.

Branson is reinventing the way it approaches a lot of things, but some things—like our values—don’t need to be reinvented. As long as we (and that means all of Branson’s citizens and fans) stay true to the core values that make Branson so unique among tourist destinations and combine these values with excellence and innovation, we will adapt and thrive. If we don’t, we will become like everyone else and we will shrivel and die or at least plateau. We are grateful for Branson’s incredible past and believe we have an even greater future ahead of us. We believe in Branson. More importantly, we believe in the values that Branson represents. The answers aren’t in becoming more like everybody else. The answers are in becoming more us than we thought we could be. Long live Branson and long live what she stands for.

This article was originally published in 2013.

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What’s the Future of Branson?


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